Head Coach: Dave Hitchcock


Assistant Coach: Bill Lutz


Head Coach: Jack Loomis


Assistant Coach: Brett Jayne

Boys & Girls Varsity & Junior High Track & Field:

Head Coach: Jim Schools


Assistant Coaches: Jef Lafrance, Jimmy Buchman, & Ellen Coates

Junior High Baseball:

Head Coach: Jason Vandemark


Junior High Softball:

Head Coach: Position is currently not filled. If you wish to apply, click on the "About" tab and select "Employment Opportunities." Then, click "Athletics & Extra Curricular Job Openings" and click "Application Packet" if your desired job is listed.


Accessing Sports Schedules:

  1. Go to Big Teams (Schedule Star)
  2. Find the Fall, Winter & Spring drop-down lists and click on the season for the sport that you wish to see
  3. Click on the appropriate sport and choose the schedule you want to see (Varsity, JV, Junior High)
  4. Athletic events can also be found under the "calendar" tab of this website, or at this link: School Calendar.