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Secondary Transition Page!!!

The State of Pennsylvania describes Secondary Transition as:
Secondary Transition is the process of preparing students for adult life after they leave high school. Transition planning begins at age 14, or younger if determined appropriate by the  IEP  team, as students consider their goals for the time after graduation through career awareness exploration activities. The transition process continues through high school as academic instruction and community experiences help clarify and support students’ goals. The entire process is based on individual student’s needs, taking into account each student’s strengths, preferences, and interests. 
Transition can be thought of as a bridge between school programs and the opportunities of adult life, including higher education or training, employment, independent living and community participation. 
Pennsylvania educators facilitate students’ successful transition by using a six-step process to develop the  IEP ; guide the way for students, families, educators, and service providers; and prepare students to cross the “bridge” to adult life.
At Wyalusing:  

Here at Wyalusing we are striving to make our students ready for both post secondary education and the workforce.  We offer several options for students throughout their time at WVHS to explore careers, visit colleges, have job shadow experiences,  pre-employment skills training, work programs for students while still attending high school, career and technical education, and the opportunity to meet with outside agencies that can assist with the transition to life after high school.  We also offer instruction in daily living skills, job skills, social/emotional skills for the workplace, study skills, and self advocacy skills.  Each year students will be offered the opportunity to experience different activities related to their current career interest.  Our goal for each student is for them to have the skills to pursue their career aspirations and the confidence become productive members of society.

Some Opportunities that are offered at Wyalusing

Experiencing Transition to College - Field trip to Penn Tech to learn about disability services at the collegiate level.

Work With Me Day- Students job shadow in an area of career interest with a local professional 

Transition Council - This program has students and parents meet with local area agencies that may assist with them with transitioning from high school.

Pre-employment  training series (PETS) -  A program through the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation that teaches employment skills for the workplace.  

Work Programs - The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation offers students that are signed up with their agency the opportunity to work while attending school in their senior year.  This is a paid employment experience.  

Local Agencies that we Wyalusing Area School District works with:

BLaST IU17 - Explore Program
Copper Tree
Futures Community Support Services
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Northern Tier Career Center
Penn York Opportunities 
Serve, Inc.
Special Kids Network