How it all started

Many moons ago (2010), The District was faced with a tight budget and needed to conserve funds, and decided they could no longer fund the transportation costs for the 6th-grade class trip to Washington, D.C. That same year, the WAEF established the first golf tournament to raise funds for the annual trip. In 2014, the foundation was unable to hold the tourney, but with the help of a committee led by Terry Keeney and a great venue, the event was brought back in 2015.

This 6th-grade class trip, in its 49th year, is a much-anticipated event looked forward to by the students every year. Some of the first teachers orchestrating the trip were Al Minetola, Jeanne Elliot, Dave Weaver, and Eloise Corson.  The idea behind the trip was to offer students the opportunity to leave the area and travel to a major city, experience a stay in a hotel and visit the nation’s capital. We at the foundation are more than happy to be part of continuing this tradition.  

The trip costs approximately $32,000, and over the past years, the foundation’s contribution from its golf fundraiser has gone toward the transportation costs, which run between $12,000 and $14,000. Every year, members of our small, giving community, come out for a day of fun and festivities on Tall Pines Golf Course in Friendsville, Pa. to help make this trip a reality.  Welcome to the home of the "Wyalusing to Washington" Annual Golf Classic.


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