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Personal Safety & Anti-Bullying

Kindergarten, First Grade & Second Grade


The Abuse and Rape Crisis Center of Bradford County will provide the Care for Kids Program to the Wyalusing Elementary School. Care for Kids is a health education and
violence prevention curriculum that meets National Health Education Standards. The Carefor Kids lessons covered in your school will focus on helping children with the following
topics: feelings, bodies, and asking for permission. We will be using anatomically correct
terms within the Bodies lesson.

Third & Sixth Grade


Too Good for Drugs, a universal K-12 prevention education program designed to mitigate the risk factors and enhance protective factors related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use. The lessons introduce and develop social and emotional skills for making healthy choices, building positive friendships, developing self-efficacy, communicating effectively, and resisting peer pressure and influence.

Too Good for Drugs teaches five essential social and emotional learning skills, which research has linked with healthy development and academic success:

  • Setting Reachable Goals
  • Making Responsible Decisions
  • Bonding with Pro-Social Others
  • Identifying and Managing Emotions
  • Communicating Effectively

Fourth & Fifth Grade

Healthy Peer Relationships/Anti-Bullying

Presented by the Abuse and Rape Crisis Center

Fourth Grade

“All About Me”, Feelings/Actions Charades, Wheel of Fortune (Bully Busting), “How to Unmake a Bully”

Skills taught: students may have more similarities with others than they think, how to distinguish other’s emotions, and techniques when dealing with bullies.

Fifth Grade


Build a Bully, Joking, Teasing, or Bullying, “Gum in my Hair”, Cyberbullying

Skills taught: stereotypes about bullies, the difference between joking, teasing, and bullying, techniques for dealing with bullies online and offline